I Ashbuns Will Show You The Way

Thank you, for joining me (>∀<)

New blogger in the making will bring you on the journey – ashbuns ❤


Like many other people I want to be able to express myself, so i settled on trying to make a blog instead of a youtube channel, or instagram account because I’m actually a very shy person and then seeing how any type of social media of that sorts can take a tole on someone mentally and change them which is startling and unsettling to me, but maybe one day I will give it a try if I’m mentally strong enough for it but as of now it’s a no for me plus i would like to be a little more private from the world. I don’t know if this blog will even work out or not but if it does then it will be an amazing experience for me making me feel as if i accomplished one of the things I’ve wanted to do. This blog will consist of reviews, opinions, and my top picks of anime. Then I would like to talk about about different styles of fashion I take interest in, and share it with everyone, and even do anime character inspired outfits. Then most importantly I will also talk about life experiences and stories. Especially about mental health so anyone who is having a bad time know that their not alone. I will even try to give out advice. I hope this blog will bring smiles to everyone’s beautiful face. 🙂

“No one ever injured their eyesight by looking on the bright side”

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